What is Normal?

Can I ask a question? (it’s rhetorical!) How many moms and dads have said during the postpartum period, “I can’t wait to feel normal again, or I can’t wait for things to get back to normal.”

The 4 P's

So ok there are 4 P’s in Labor, have you heard of them?! The 4 P’s play a major role in your labor curve, like how you will progress in labor Power, Passage, Psyche, Passenger…  Last night I had the idea that these 4 P’s in Labor continue on into the Fourth Trimester.

Baby Blues

Postpartum is so much about mental health. Mental Health Awareness has grown tremendously over the past decade and so I think care in The Fourth Trimester will too. 


The way we breathe impacts our emotional organs, circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems. Visamavritti a fave breathing exercise, reduces stress and tension in the body. So yes! perfect during The Fourth Trimester.

Golden Hour

So the first hour of becoming a mom and dad. A lot can be going on and a lot of emotions can be in the air! Ideally, as soon as your sweet little babe is delivered skin-to-skin begins. This means your naked baby will be placed on top of mom’s chest by the OB Doctor/Certified Nurse Midwife.

I AM...

I started practicing saying a mantra to myself daily. And it begins with I AM. A v nice self-care routine. A mantra creates a sense of clarity, strength and empowerment. The real feeling of weight lifted off the shoulders is present…

What’s your Love Language?

Have you read the book, The 5 Love Languages?! OK I love it. It is so resourceful to know how you feel most supported and loved in a relationship. So think of the Fourth Trimester as the same. What will bring you the most joy during this time? Is it Acts of Service, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch?