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The 4 P's

The 4 P's

Good morning! Ok I had some thoughts when I got home from work last night.

So ok there are 4 P’s in Labor, have you heard of them?! The 4 P’s play a major role in your labor curve, like how you will progress in labor… 

The 4 P’s are Power, Passage, Psyche, Passenger.

  1. Power aka Strength of Contractions: They need to be strong and frequent for cervical change~ to dilate to 10 cm.

  2. Passage aka The Pelvis: Size and shape of your pelvis can make a difference, we want that babe to fit through your birth canal.

  3. Pysche aka Maternal Mental Health: Connecting your mind to body and coping with your length of labor and waves of contractions is so wonderful and needed especially in the pushing stage! I always tell moms you are stronger than you think!

  4. Passenger aka The Baby: Babies are designed to be in labor, sometimes they are a little fussy and don’t love contractions or certain positions moms are in, so we intervene when needed to keep labor moving forward towards a vaginal delivery.

Some of you may have heard of what I just discussed^^ But last night I had the idea that fewer of you may have heard that these 4 P’s in Labor continue on into the Fourth Trimester. So let me explain!

The 4 P’s in The Fourth Trimester:

1. Power: We still need the strength of your uterus to contract to prevent bleeding and to begin the involution process. This process is the uterus shrinking down to its normal pre-pregnancy state~ it takes about 6 weeks. You may notice the uterus contracting when your Nurse pushes down on the top of your uterus to check for bleeding or when you feel cramping during the first couple days of breastfeeding.

2. Passage- The pelvis~ we don’t pay enough attention to pelvic floor muscles or talk about it enough during postpartum but ok we should because you know what, the pelvic floor is what holds up our core and supports our lower body! It’s so important! I think every woman should have a physical therapy session to tune into your pelvic floor during The Fourth Trimester and prenatally for that matter (insurance usually covers).

3. Psyche: Maternal Mental Health. The Fourth Trimester is so very emotional. There is a surge of increasing and decreasing hormones as soon as your baby and placenta are born. Be mindful of how you feel mentally. Know your resources and support. Dads too.

4. Passenger: Just like in labor, the passenger is your baby, just now born! Yay <3

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