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6 Rec's to Keep You Healthy during PP

6 Rec's to Keep You Healthy during PP

Maternal health! And lets add in Paternal Health too!

Maternal health is the health of women during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and in the Fourth Trimester (aka Postpartum). So same for men- focusing more on paternal mental health during your partners pregnancy, labor and delivery experience and all throughout the Fourth Trimester with your new babe.

Maternal and Paternal health sets the stage for long-term health so I want to help you take care of yourselves!

I’m sharing 6 recommendations from Illinois Department of Public Health for postpartum moms (and I’m tweaking it a little, adding dads in here too)

  • Rec #1: Women and men should continue going to their annual doctor appointments with your primary doctor to assess, manage and treat any medical conditions. Also this is a good time to discuss how to keep you the most healthy in-between and after pregnancies.

  • Rec #2: If you seek medical care within the first year of your baby being born, always tell the health care provider you were pregnant within that year- even if you think your symptoms are unrelated to pregnancy or postpartum.  

  • Rec #3: Postpartum lasts for one year, yep it does! If you develop any new symptoms discuss with your provider- again even if you think your symptoms are unrelated to pregnancy or postpartum.

  • Rec #4: Friends and fam members! Here is where you come in, encourage your loved one to keep their medical appointments, encourage discussing symptoms with their health care provider and educate yourselves on postpartum complications. Moms- I encourage you to bring a friend, fam member or your partner with you to your postpartum visits.

  • Rec #5: Well this one is sad but it is just true and needs to be discussed. If a mom is abusing an opiod, like Norco (which providers are now shying away from prescribing even after having had a cesarean section) learn and ask to have Naloxone prescribed before leaving the hospital- it can save a life if your loved on is abusing the prescribed opiod.  

  • Rec #6.  Friends and fam another job for you! Learn signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and mood changes. (I have info on these symptoms in my latest post linked in bio.) If the newly parents are experiencing any of these symptoms you can always reach out for support 24/7.

*In Illinois, the support hotline for mothers and families is: 866-364-MOMS (866-364-6667)

*For anyone reading outside of IL – 1-855- 4A PARENT (1-855-427-2736)


I've changed my name!

I've changed my name!

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What is Normal?