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Hormones + Body

Hormones + Body

OK so I follow #the bump who posted “8 Most Dramatic Postbaby Body Changes” The bump shines so much light on moms, sharing amazing tips, stories  + answers to so many questions moms have. And I totally think their platform is a wonderful resource for moms!

I am sharing this though bc the word “dramatic” really stuck out to me. I don’t want these changes to be dramatic for you.

During this time a flood of hormones are being depleted while others are rising causing many of the “8 Most dramatic…”  

Hair loss, leaking pee, vaginal dryness, changes of breast + foot size, leaking boobs, stretch marks & postpregnancy paunch.

#thebump shares ways to cope with these changes.  And I’m sharing another special way to cope & that is to understand your hormones & your body during this precious time.

Hair loss: so hair loss will occur typically 1 – 5 months pp & usually Restores! between 6-12 months! A little plus side is you do have a growing phase of hair during pregnancy.

Leaking pee: OK no hormone is really responsible for this. Asking your OB/Midwife for a Womens Health Physical Therapist to help you become in-tune & engaged in your pelvic floor +muscles is truly needed I think every woman should at least go once. I can also help you too in my yoga classes if you are in Chicago or DM me for exercises!!

A little other helpful way to help prevent leaking pee is I always tell women I care for in the immediate pp period, to pee every 2 hours even if they don’t feel the urge to go. We have to retrain our bladders after a baby has been growing on top of it for 9ish months.

Vaginal dryness: This is due to a decrease in estrogen during the pp time. This tends to get better by the 6-8 week mark. We recommend to wait to have sex until this time too.

Foot growth: And we are not talking about swelling. Your feet do grow and tbh I don’t know what hormone is responsible for this. But I agree with #thebump, if you are in need of new shoes maybe go up half a size or wait until after your babe is here to see what your littttle feet do J side note, if they are becoming increasingly swollen during pp, this is not to be expected & could indicate high blood pressure so please seek medical attention.

Leaking breast even if you are not breastfeeding + breast size: During pregnancy & after having a baby our bodies produce high levels of prolactin, the hormone responsible for producing milk & enhancing breast development.

So ok if you are not breastfeeding, your prolactin levels will begin to decrease and your breast milk will dry up approx day 2-4 pp. Try to not stimulate them when you are in the shower… they will be tender day 2-4, wearing a well supported bra will help too.

Stretch marks: Are typ hereditary. They can fade in color going from red to silverfish.

Postpregnancy Paunch: I have a full post on the involution process of your uterus during pp, called “I Look 6 Months Pregnant After Having a Baby!Why?! I Can Tell You!” but your uterus begins to shrink down as soon as placenta is delivered. Oxytocin, the love hormone (my fav) helps the uterus shrink.  Oxytocin is enhanced by breastfeeding and skin-to-skin with your babe! The uterus usually takes 6-8 weeks to return to prepregnancy state but it is individualized.

I hope this helps cope with the changes your bodies go through sweet ones. You are amazing & our bodies are amazing how we can grow a baby & then recover from birth during this special time called postpartum.

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